War Pigs Kinetic After Action Report

Kinetic After Action Report

Assigned Staff:

Terms of Engagement:
Consult on Demolitions
Protect clinic
Do not engage raiders
Do not engage Dominion
Retreat authorized

Enemy Profile:
Zerglings confirmed by independent scout
Zerglings potentially non-feral
No hydralisks noted

1 War Pig, wounded
2 Hydralisk hunters, wounded

Final Zerg Status:
2 Zerglings, killed
1 Hydralisk, killed
3 Hydralisks, repelled
1 unidentified zerg, repelled

Mission completed successfully. 
Zerg seemed already wounded prior to engagement. 
During battle, raiders escaped from Dominion forces. 
Dominion forces shelled region, causing above-mentioned casualties. 
Minor damage to walls of clinic. 
Recommend structural recertification. 
See attached coupon for Hammer Technologies.

Paid: 500 credits
Due: 0 credits

Buy 10 marines, get 1 free. 
Refer a friend, get 50 credits off. 
10% off your next booking. 
Offers not stackable. 
Blackout periods apply during sector-wide conflicts.

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