Tric Manu is a talkative half-elf raised by Nasir of the Water Dowsers in Estbryn Forest. Rather than searching for moisture, however, he prefers swapping tales with the local Storyteller, Breda. His cousin Heppa is unusually close in age, so the two have bonded somewhat. While strictly speaking he is trained in neither bow nor blade, he aspires to emulate legendary elves of the past. Or at least, that’s what he’ll claim.

Pronouns: he/him

Physical description: Tric is a lanky half-elf of about thirty winters. He inherited his brown skin and curly dark hair from his human mother. His eyes shine purple, and he wears traditional elvish leathers including a bandana to keep his hair back. He is less nimble than most elves but makes up for it with his street-style of fighting.

Archetype: Half-Elf

Career: Scoundrel

Strength: Witty – Tric always has a quip or comment to add, especially when it’s not wanted.

Flaw: Meddler – Tric cannot help but stick his nose in other people’s business. He often injects a bit of chaos, playing multiple angles when outside the forest.

Desire: Fame – Tric grew up hearing about the adventures of elves like Cleodil and Kalenz. While his own lifespan may not be as long as theirs, he can live forever in stories.

Fear: Humiliation – Though Tric boasts of hunting prowess, he never properly learned to shoot. Or track. Or dowse for water. But if he can just keep talking, maybe no one will notice.

Tric (seated at left) surrounded by friends. Art by Del Borovic.

Note: Tric Manu is heavily inspired by the essays of outdoor humorist Patrick McManus.