Voyages of the Starship Raptor

A threat… the Hive Armada
wants to… steal/capture
the… void crystals
which will… start a war/invasion!

This game is set in a campy Star Trekkish universe and played using John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. I also used the Mythic GM Emulator to help with some decision-making. This combination enabled me to run a quick, fun game with no preparation.

Although we had a great time, we didn’t play exactly right, so make sure you look over the rules more carefully than I did before you try out Lasers & Feelings!

The players are my old gaming companions from the early Aughts. It was good to be back around the table together again, even if it was just virtually.

Part 1: Nacelle Hell

Part 2: Hive Hijinks

Note: There is no serialized write-up for this adventure; it is audio-only for now.