Tcho Praetor escaped a life of poverty on the Outer Rim moon Pantora, but the underworld route he took continues to weigh upon his conscience. His attempts to do something meaningful with his life have brought him to Dame Metropolis, where he hopes to show himself worthy of joining the Rebel Alliance.

Pronouns: he/him

Physical description: Tcho is a male of average height in his mid-twenties with a lithe, well-muscled build. He has golden eyes, cobalt blue skin, and short, spiky white hair with lavender frosted tips. He has simple golden facial tattoos across just his cheeks.

Archetype: Pantoran

Career: Scoundrel

Strength: Idealistic – Tcho has a code of conduct that he strives to live by. He does not always succeed at doing no harm, but he tries.

Flaw: Pride – Tcho’s professional pride sometimes presents as a stubborn refusal to accept help. He values credentials and tends to view people through the lens of their career.

Desire: Belonging – Tcho’s attempts to fit in somewhere have led him across the social spectrum, and lately they have gotten him involved in the current galactic political struggle.

Fear: Humiliation – Tcho fears being exposed for what he considers himself to be, a worthless fringer who has overstepped his bounds. His response when uncomfortable is to grow flustered or ashamed rather than get angry.

Artist: malaoka97,