FRAWD Investigators: Lost & Found | Scene 20


When her head has cleared from the terrazine, Lilly asks Imogen, “So, is it a Special Mission?” “It’s paid for by the Dominion to make everything look all wonderful and show… “ Imogen’s tone adjusts to match her rolling eyes, “pan-terran support for the war effort. Where pan-terran means Dominion people and a token Umojan.” … Read more

Star Wars: Cruise Control | Scene 17.1

FFG SW dice

Gomarr gives his presentation while the main course is underway. He opens by dedicating the talk to his fallen classmates, those lost in the archaeological expeditions of his tumultuous education under Dr. Pramine. Taking into consideration the focus of the gala, he reflects, “Academia is not war, but you still lose people, and they leave … Read more

FRAWD Investigators: Lost & Found | Scene 13


“What is it you wish to learn?” Selendis asks Imogen Owendoher. “We will have our exchange. We will deal fairly, unlike zerg, a lesson that I hope you take to heart.” The recent discussion of the talisman Raynor was looking at has stoked Imogen’s curiosity about whether objects can actually be imbued with some sort … Read more