Weird War: Secrets Beneath

Secrets Beneath is an original one-shot adventure module for Genesys. Set in the Weird War, an occult reframing of World War II, the PCs must deal with ambivalent spirits, untrusting prisoners, and of course the German Army. I wrote this story as a soft sequel to an earlier Weird War one-shot our group played several years … Read more

Genesys Talents for StarCraft

Update: PDF of full supplement Outlaw Tech Tier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou are interested in technology… of an illicit sort. Knowledge (Terran), Mechanics, and Streetwise become career skills. Pilot Scout Tier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou are trained in military aerial reconnaissance. Computers, Knowledge (Zerg), and Piloting become career skills. Unlocked Psionic Potential Tier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou unlock … Read more

Genesys Archetypes for StarCraft

Update: PDF of full supplement Latent Psionic Terran Gifted with psionic abilities, you should have been registered and indoctrinated into the Confederate or Dominion Ghost program. Your abilities are undeveloped but may grow over time. Characteristics: Brawn -1 / Will +1 Starting Wound Threshold: 9 Starting Strain Threshold: 11 Starting Experience: 90 Starting Skills: Knowledge … Read more