Star Wars: Crawl Before You Walk

FFG SW dice

In the dusty town of Mos Shuuta, a group of fringers desperate to pay off their debts to Teemo the Hutt take on a salvage operation for an unlikely client: the Empire. They must deal with the elements and denizens of Tatooine’s desert to recover important cargo from a crashed scout ship. This module is designed to introduce players to Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire Star Wars roleplaying game. Players who enjoy this module might consider following it up with “Escape from Mos Shuuta” from the Edge of the Empire Beginners Box Set.

Genesys Talents for StarCraft

Update: PDF of full supplement Outlaw Tech Tier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou are interested in technology… of an illicit sort. Knowledge (Terran), Mechanics, and Streetwise become career skills. Pilot Scout Tier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou are trained in military aerial reconnaissance. Computers, Knowledge (Zerg), and Piloting become career skills. Unlocked Psionic Potential Tier: 2Activation: PassiveRanked: NoYou unlock … Read more

Genesys Archetypes for StarCraft

Update: PDF of full supplement Latent Psionic Terran Gifted with psionic abilities, you should have been registered and indoctrinated into the Confederate or Dominion Ghost program. Your abilities are undeveloped but may grow over time. Characteristics: Brawn -1 / Will +1 Starting Wound Threshold: 9 Starting Strain Threshold: 11 Starting Experience: 90 Starting Skills: Knowledge … Read more