Mariah Esteban Thorne had an unstable childhood in a rundown section of Los Angeles. He spent his teenage years working retail and con jobs, then secured a position in sales for the Unity Project. Denied a slot on the expedition itself, he stowed away aboard the ship. Pronouns: he/him Physical description: Twenty-six years old, Mariah … Read more


Augustus Octavius Cleveland, who goes by Cleve, is the oldest child of self-sustaining farmers on the central plains of Canada. After several years in the military, he returned to civilian life, where he took a job as a survivalist and guide on the Unity Project for the Santiago family. Pronouns: he/him Physical description: Thirty-one years … Read more


Tric Manu is a talkative half-elf raised by Nasir of the Water Dowsers in Estbryn Forest. Rather than searching for moisture, however, he prefers swapping tales with the local Storyteller, Breda. His cousin Heppa is unusually close in age, so the two have bonded somewhat. While strictly speaking he is trained in neither bow nor … Read more


Hepalonia of House Thrandolil (Heppa) is the daughter of Estbryn Forest nobles and grew up with an easy life, sheltered from her mother’s ambitions by the duty of her older sister and doted upon by her scholarly father. As elvish nobility, she is fairly naive and ignorant about the world most people inhabit, but she … Read more


Tcho Praetor escaped a life of poverty on the Outer Rim moon Pantora, but the underworld route he took continues to weigh upon his conscience. His attempts to do something meaningful with his life have brought him to Dame Metropolis, where he hopes to show himself worthy of joining the Rebel Alliance. Pronouns: he/him Physical … Read more


Jai “JT” Tessa, also known as JT-1, lost her organic family when Christophsis was invaded during the Clone Wars. She was subsequently raised on a Separatist vessel by B1 battle droids. There she took a great interest in technology. Funding her education got her mixed up in Hutt affairs. This was a little shaky at … Read more



Lilly Washington’s history is largely unknown—but she is sure she is not a thief. She’s not smart, and she’s not ashamed of that; she’s a survivor, and that’s one of the few things she knows for sure about her past. A former soldier who was resocialized at least three times, Lilly doesn’t have high self-esteem, … Read more



Imogen Owendoher grew up on the planet Umoja in the Umojan Protectorate, sheltered from the worst of the Dominion and the devastation of the recent wars. This also protected her latent psionic powers from being discovered and forcing her into the Confederate Ghost program. But she knows she is special, and Dominion space seems her … Read more


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Renn Herkin is a former Imperial officer and Rebel spy, but his actual goal for most of his adult life has been to locate his younger sister. Kash and her friends in Desert Rose Solutions helped him accomplish this, but it was not a good scene. Now he is at loose ends, without a career … Read more


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Renci Tosh lost her parents to the Empire as a teenager, and she joined the Rebellion to prevent the same thing from happening to others. During a botched mission on Ord Mantell, she met Jai Tessa (JT) of Desert Rose Solutions, and she has since sub-contracted DRS for several other Rebel jobs. She is based … Read more