StarCraft: FRAWD Investigators

“The Fraud, Retaliation, Abuse, and Waste Division (FRAWD) needs hardworking terrans like you to inspect facilities and gather evidence. Satisfy your service obligation and earn steady pay with FRAWD today!”

— Dominion recruiting pamphlet, 2503

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This game is set in Blizzard’s StarCraft universe at the beginning of Starcraft II. The characters are Dominion investigators within the chronically underfunded, under-equipped, understaffed, and possibly underhanded FRAWD. Their first assignment together is to gather evidence of an allegedly illegal jorium crystal mining operation nestled between zerg hive clusters on the remote planet Brontes IV in the Koprulu Sector.

StarCraft: FRAWD Investigators is played using the Fantasy Flight Games Genesys roleplaying system. Note: This has nothing to do with the StarCraft board game published by FFG.


If you know nothing about StarCraft, that’s fine! Neither did the players prior to starting this game. But if you do know StarCraft, don’t worry; our GM Dan is quite familiar with the universe from playing the video games. This campaign began as a beta test of Dan’s module for the 2019 Rincon Gaming Convention, an adaptation of Leovaunt’s module The Raid on Installation Delta Rose using Genesys rules.

Players Lex and Jenn did a trial run of the module using two of Dan’s pre-generated characters, and he included a third as an NPC to round out the skill set of the party. That made the party Lilly, a resocialized soldier (a resoc); Imogen, a latent psionic from the Umojan Protectorate; and Ted, a zerg-infested researcher. Enough fun was had by all that we decided to continue with the characters. Following a few tweaks to the PCs to make them our own, we began regular play. That is where the podcast series begins.

The release of each episode’s audio will be accompanied by a serialized write-up of the adventure. If you are interested in the unrecorded “pilot” for our StarCraft series, check out its write-up. But do be warned: spoilers abound for The Raid on Installation Delta Rose.


Season 1

Pilot (no audio) – Lilly, Imogen, and Ted investigate an illegal jorium mine on Brontes IV while each trying to accomplish their own private agenda.

Mayhem on Mar Sara – Lilly and Imogen investigate reduced vespene delivery from Mar Sara and find more than they bargained for.

Rendezvous on Redstone – Lilly and Imogen recover some of the corpse of a cerebrate amid the lava flows of Redstone III, making more enemies than allies along the way.

Old Red and Saffron – Lilly and Imogen return to the Mar Sara wastelands to investigate an old Cerberus vessel that may shed light on both Lilly’s and Snowball’s pasts, but they discover it is not as abandoned as they had thought.

One Quiet Night – Having left Mar Sara aboard Hyperion, Lilly and Imogen investigate mysterious beings prowling the ship at night.

DORF Star – Under the cover of their FRAWD employment, Lilly and Imogen work with the exiled tal’darim Malorn and the friendly mercenary Durian to steal a protoss weapon from the Dominion Optics Research Facility (DORF) on Korhal. While in Augustgrad, they also follow up on some leads related to their first job together, Rose Corporation’s illegal mine on Brontes IV.

Antiga Antics – Lilly and Imogen explore the ruins of Antiga Prime in search of resources to fix up their science vessel Saffron and the implant in their zerg larva Snowball. Among the wreckage of the planet, they meet damaged survivors, opening the doors to some new opportunities.

Bad Behavior on Browder – Lilly and Imogen get into trouble at a protoss colony overseen by Selendis while returning the templar they rescued from Antiga to his people.

Changes – In the lead-up to their investigation of the Cerberus facility on Chau Sara, Lilly and Imogen resign from FRAWD, and Snowball gets promoted.

Challenge on Chau Sara – In the season 1 finale, Lilly and Imogen confront the UED ghost Neiman to liberate his captives at an abandoned Cerberus Corps facility on Chau Sara. Along the way, they make an unlikely ally, disrupt a research experiment, and test the resilience of some relationships.

Season 2

Homecoming – Having left their jobs with the Dominion’s Fraud, Retaliation, Abuse, and Waste Division (FRAWD), Imogen Owendoher and Lilly Washington are now independent agents. Their worries, however, exceed more than just making ends meet and caring for their zerg changling, Snowball. Responding to a summons from Imogen’s Uncle Leo, the two head to the Umojan Protectorate, where they learn that the Owendoher family is in serious trouble. The fraud they need to investigate this time is that of Imogen’s own brother, Aiden.

Aiding Aiden – Taking advantage of Lilly’s shady past, Imogen, Lilly, and Lief try to rescue Imogen’s brother Aiden from pirates on the zerg-infested world of Jarban Minor.

Now Playing… Owendoher’s Revenge – Imogen and Lilly must bring down Jackson’s Revenge permanently to end the threat to the Owendoher family. The scant resources on Jarban Minor prove insufficient to the task, requiring Imogen to make a deal with an old acquaintance. Tensions rise as the motley collection of allies makes their move on the pirates.