Star Wars: Shili Shenanigans | Scene 3: The Hunt

The Wilderness Intercept hunt starts pre-dawn on Renn’s third day on Shili. There’s Akaraak and three counselors, plus a dozen kids and Renn. They head out into the hill country surrounding the city, where rolling plains of turu-grass conceal clutches of the rodent thimiar and herds of a larger, gazelle-like creature. We’ll go ahead and say Shili has red and white striped paralopes to blend in with the turu-grass like a zebra (or like a Togruta).

For the hunt, Akaraak (boosts on everything because of the pack):

  • Survival YYGGbb PP → 4,1
  • Coordination, YGbb PP → 0,0
  • Stealth, YYbb PP → 2,0
  • Ranged-Light (Medium), YYGbb PP → 0,5
  • Ranged-Light (Short), YYGbb P → 5,0
  • Melee (Engaged), YYGGbb PP → 3,4
  • Leadership, YYGbb PPP → 0,2

From that failed Leadership check, Akaraak isn’t getting through to these kids so well. With the advantages, I’ll let Renn try a Leadership check on them.

For the hunt, Renn (not used to hunting collaboratively):

  • Survival, YYGG PP → 0,-1
  • Coordination, YYGGbb PP → 2,0
  • Stealth, YYGGbb PP → 4,-2
  • Ranged-Light (Medium), GGGG PP → 4,0
  • Ranged-Light (Short), GGGG P → 2,2
  • Melee (Engaged), YG PP → -2,0

The hunt is for much smaller prey than Renn is used to pursuing, so he does a poor job tracking it (failed Survival). He has no problems navigating the environment, though he finds he has to move much more slowly through grassland to remain silent than he does through jungle (threats on the Stealth). 

The closer Renn has to get to prey, the worse he does. He’s just much more comfortable dealing with physical conflict from farther away, a result of his childhood trauma. Akaraak, on the other hand, enjoys being directly engaged with the prey.

The whole time, Renn is maintaining his journalist cover, so we also need Deception from him, plus he owes us a Leadership from above.

  • Deception YYYG RR → 2,0 T
  • Leadership, YGG PPP → -1,0 T

With a Triumph on the Deception, I’m going to say Renn no longer needs to roll Deceptions against Akaraak on this cover persona. Having also failed the Leadership check, Renn is not able to connect with these kids either, but somehow, he impresses Akaraak with that Triumph. Let’s say it’s that Akaraak notices Renn’s necklace of hunting mementos over the course of the hunt and watches Renn’s interaction with the environment, all of which makes Akaraak decide that this is a hunter worthy of his respect, not just someone who dabbles.

The hunt is successful, bagging a bunch of thimiar and a paralope. Renn also takes advantage of the opportunity to collect some snacks for Kash’s pet lizard Eric. (Survival, YYGG PP → 1,1 T) Apparently, Renn finds the tastiest insects on the whole planet. Eric is going to love these. 

The kids are all sent home with one thimiar each and encouraged to take pride in their accomplishments that day and make some jewelry from their kills. The paralope will be dinner for Akaraak and his fellow counselors. After each hunt, they get together over a meal at Akaraak’s home and rehash the event, discussing what went well and what they can do better next time, specifically related to connecting with the kids and helping them with their issues. Akaraak invites Renn to join them. (Charm, YY RRRP → 0,1) 

Renn is reluctant (since he does not want to run into Mohra at the Shinno home) but this is an excellent opportunity to do recon for getting Kash’s bag. He refuses at first—in order to suss out whether Mohra will be present—by saying he doesn’t want to intrude on Akaraak’s home and family. We’re going to go with Deception here, since he most certainly wants to do both those things. (Deception, YYYG RR → 1,4) Renn plays it just right, with the perfect amount of protest, such that Akaraak assures him it’s no disruption. Mohra has some university function that night and won’t be home until quite late. Besides, he relates, she avoids these dinners because there are things about his work that she disagrees with; she feels his guilt over Rayyka’s upbringing is misplaced. Renn agrees to attend the dinner.