Star Wars: Crawl Before You Walk

In the dusty town of Mos Shuuta, a group of fringers desperate to pay off their debts to Teemo the Hutt take on a salvage operation for an unlikely client: the Empire. They must deal with the elements and denizens of Tatooine’s desert to recover important cargo from a crashed scout ship. This game is designed to introduce players to Fantasy Flight Games’ Edge of the Empire Star Wars roleplaying game, though experienced players are also welcome. Players who enjoy this module might consider following it up with “Escape from Mos Shuuta” from the Edge of the Empire Beginners Box Set.

For the 2019 Rincon Gaming Convention, I prepared a module to introduce players to FFG’s Star Wars Roleplaying Game, including some aspects of Genesys that my group folds into it. I playtested this module with three different groups of 3-4 players, and it was able to fit into a 4-hour play session. Here is my write-up of the module. It is not quite as beautifully formatted as I would like, but better to share it this way than for it to sit on my computer forever. Also included in this document are my write-ups of two of the play-throughs.

My partner helped me make five pre-generated characters for this module. Here are the character sheets, as well as compact versions of the sheets. These characters are described in the module introduction. They are Star Wars RPG characters, but they also have Motivations from Genesys (desire, fear, strength, and flaw) to help players get a feel for the characters. In addition, each character has a relationship to two of the others, to help the group gel.