RH314 | Star Wars | Resh Hour 3: Into the Dark | Part 14

Renci and Renn finally reach the same room as each other. But it’s a very large, dark room.

We only recorded a few of the Resh Hour sessions towards the end of the run. This is the second. If you prefer to read the write-up first, see the below.

The events in this session actually stretch a little farther than Scene 14.2, but it made sense from a writing standpoint to include the closing at the start of Scene 15.1. If you prefer to read the story before you listen to how it was played, you might want to pause around minute 45, then come back after you read Scene 15.1.

Also, when we were playing, we referred to the maalraa that stuck with Renn as Raasmaal because having a proper name for a creature makes talking about it easier. However, it didn’t seem appropriate for Renn to have actually named the animal, so that name does not appear anywhere in the serialized narrative.

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com