Resh Hour | Scene 4.3

They proceed through a network of small interconnected rooms full of piping and machinery before finding a stout door that they think will let them out. There is no reason to take any chances, though. Renci holds the light for Renn to carefully examine the area around the door before they close the distance. “I don’ see any floor plates, and the door looks pretty standard.” He volunteers to have a go at opening it.

“Driver and doorman,” Renci says.

Renn raises an eyebrow at that description. Renci sounded him out about this mission when he was asking her and JT for their opinions on Nabat vendors. “From what ya said when ya offered me the job, I expected us ta be wanderin’ around a jungle. If I’d known it was an Imperial prison, I wouldna taken it.”

“That’s good to know,” Renci replies, “but you’ve got to be prepared for whatever the galaxy throws at you.”

Renn steps up to the door. From Renci’s perspective, he seems to lean up really close to it, and then he staggers backward away from it. As he does so, he grabs the back of her knapsack and yanks her back, too. She shakes him off, and he explains that he felt pulled into the door and had to wrench himself back really hard to get off it. He was concerned she would step up too close and get caught herself. Renci recognizes this as a reverse repulsor field and looks around carefully, but she does not see any controls. She hypothesizes that they are on the other side of the door.

Renn proposes they try shooting out the lock, and then he can just rush the door to push it open. Even if he gets stuck to it as it swings, Renci can get through and look for the panel on the other side. They agree to try it. One shot from the Czerka does quite a bit of damage to the lock and causes sparking. When lining up his next shot, Renn instead diverts to the wall next to the lock, where something in the panelling looks to have responded to the sparking. The damage done by this shot reveals where the controls for the trap are, and Renci is able to step up to disarm it, turning off the reverse repulsor field but getting a bit zapped in the process. Then they work together to get the door itself open.