Resh Hour | Scene 4.2

Renci immediately switches into Rebel soldier mode. She orders Renn to keep his head down as she draws her heavy blaster and charges one of the security droids, firing directly into it and temporarily overloading its circuits. A second droid is nearby and sees Renci as the main threat. It tries to ensnare her by launching a net, but she dodges back, and it catches the first droid instead. The second droid moves behind some hissing pipes to gain cover. Renn shoots at it through the maze of pipes, blowing away half its head with one loud shot of his slugthrower. His next bullet hits the thin neck, and the head falls off completely.

That leaves just one security droid, which is ensnared by its compatriot’s net. It tries shooting at Renci, but its aim is messed up by the tangle of netting, and it misses her. Renci responds with her heavy blaster pistol and then ducks off to the side, shouting at Renn to drop the target. He brings his rifle around and shoots this droid, which collapses. As he moves to join Renci, he scoops up the head of the first droid. He points out that the droids seemed able to see just fine in this darkness and asks her to see if there is anything she can do to make the eyes produce light.

Renci starts fiddling with it. “Nice shooting, by the way. I can see why you were successful in the Imperial Army.”

“I don’ know who told ya I was ever successful there…” Renn mutters.

“Well, you’re not dead,” Renci observes. She gets the eyes to emit some light, but it is an awkward sort of glowrod that has to be held aloft like a lantern… or a medusa head. They are able to see much better now, but it does give away their position. Renci optimistically suggests that anyone who sees them will hopefully think that they are just a security droid at first.