Resh Hour | Scene 2

Renci straps on her heavy blaster pistol and knife, putting her medpac, scanner, and datapad in a backpack. Renn slips the tranq gun into the holster in the side of his backpack and tosses in his vet kit and some reloads for the Czerka, which he slings over his shoulder. His knife goes at the small of his back.

Renci asks Renn to keep watch while she tries to force open the door. She hacks through a bunch of vines and starts pounding at the slab. Renn does not see anything of note at ground level, but Mira seems upset, so he sends the kiros bird up to look around in case there are dangers visible from above. He is still getting used to using her senses and his own at the same time, so his attention is in the sky with her and not on the ground when Renci gets the horizontal slab to drop. Its fall weakens the ceiling of the passageway it leads to, which destabilizes the ground where Renn is standing. He falls through but catches himself and lands without injury a couple meters down. As he stands back up, he advises Renci that they will need to move some of these rocks out of the way to continue further.

“You all right, soldier?” she asks.

He replies flatly, “I’m fine,” but she can tell from his tone that something upset him. Something I said? she wonders.

Renn clears the rocks, and they see a passageway that is otherwise undisturbed and lit by bioluminescent moss. Renci comments that it looks like this site has not been explored by anyone before, which is more good news for the Rebellion. She leads the way in and begins to realize that the tunnel is clearly technologically crafted and the moss is not just a happenstance. She moves closer to the wall to examine it, to try to figure out what it is made of. Up close, she hears humming in the walls; there is operational power here. So, this is not the remains of a crashed ship; it is some sort of terrestrial base. Her examination disturbs the moss, and a cloud of spores bursts out. She breathes them in, and a coughing fit ensues. Renn pulls her away and gives her an inhaler from the medkit to clear her lungs.

The moss does not seem to be a deliberate trap, but they continue down the hallway cautiously, making sure not to disturb any more of it. They see no signs of security measures, suggesting that the way they came in was not intended to be a secure entrance. Renn hypothesizes that this could be a research lab, and maybe everyone just died. Since Renci thinks the moss was bioengineered, she grants that it is a possibility. At this point, Renn suggests they should have some sort of breathing protection on hand, just in case. While Renci refreshes with a drink from her canteen, he runs back to the ship to get the respirators from the crash survival kit in the Resolve. When he returns, Renci stuffs them in her backpack to be ready for the next emergency. Then they explore the twisting corridors for a while.