Resh Hour | Afterward

And that concludes the Resh Hour trilogy. With this, Renci is in position to do her intervention with Elaiza to get JT out of the dark spiral she went down. That intervention was played in the final session of our original Desert Rose Solutions campaign. Also, Renn is resolved to spend his time taking care of animals. In our final scene with him in the original campaign, he was at Blue Spring Lodge rehabilitating some cold-weather animals that Kash had rescued from an exotic animal smuggling ring. As much as we were sad to put these characters to rest, we knew that their stories were done for now. However, we did have some ideas for what JT would focus on once she was recovered, so that will be our next foray into the realm of Star Wars.

Some mechanics notes… For Resh Hour 3, the Nexus of Power sourcebook from FFG was really useful for generating ideas for the temple. The golem was inspired by one described on the FFG boards [ref]. Renci Tosh and Renn Herkin both originated as NPCs in published adventures, though we put our own spin on them of course. Renci Tosh came from the Rendezvous at Ord Mantell module from Wizards of the Coast. She started the Resh Hour trilogy as a Scout/Recruit and by the end had acquired Force Adherent. Renn Herkin was a one-liner in the Escape from Mos Shuuta module from FFG but got an expanded role due to intersecting with the obligation of one of the PCs, Kash. At the start of Resh Hour, he was a Big Game Hunter/Agitator/Force-Sensitive Emergent/Pathfinder, and by the end he had acquired the Force power Sense. Elaiza comes from FFG’s Jewel of Yavin module. The oft-mentioned Blue Spring Lodge was the setting of the Cold Comfort module of the fan-made Shadow of the Broker series, which we adapted for our Desert Rose Solutions campaign.

Mira, though described as a kiros bird, had a number of characteristics in common with a convor, and we gave her some mechanical utility in the game, such as healing small amounts of strain damage. She did not come from a published module but rather was from an original story we played of a stag night/hen party in the city of Lessu on Ryloth. We had acquired enough significant NPCs by that point that we were able to have two parties running simultaneously. Each of the players controlled both a female PC and a male PC. We switched back and forth between what the ladies were doing (an assassination of someone involved in the slave trade) and what the guys were doing (typical bachelor party shenanigans). One of the guys’ drunken activities was breaking into the zoo to see the animals, and they ended up liberating some.

Thanks for reading and/or listening! Hope you were entertained!