Renn Herkin is a former Imperial officer and Rebel spy, but his actual goal for most of his adult life has been to locate his younger sister. Kash and her friends in Desert Rose Solutions helped him accomplish this, but it was not a good scene. Now he is at loose ends, without a career or a purpose.

Pronouns: he/him

Physical description: Renn is a well-tanned male in his late twenties with a lithe build. He has profoundly azure eyes and short brown hair. Since leaving the Empire, he has grown out a close beard and abandoned his affected Core Worlds accent in favor of the Outer Rim dialect of his youth. A blue and purple kiros bird named Mira is frequently in his company.

Species: Human

Specializations: Big-Game Hunter, Agitator, Pathfinder, Force-Sensitive Emergent

Strength: Adaptable – Renn has spent years on his own, living one lie after another. It has not been fun, but it has made him resilient.

Flaw: Compulsion – Renn’s sense of guilt over the things he did during Imperial service is a shadow that hangs over everything he does.

Desire: Safety – Renn grew up in an abusive household and then spent his adult years working for an abusive regime. He longs for a simpler life far from threats.

Fear: Nemesis – Renn has spent his whole life not wanting to be like his abusive father, but fearing that he will become so. With the revelation that his sister fell to the Dark Side and his own emergent Force-sensitivity, those fears have been transferred to her.