Renci Tosh lost her parents to the Empire as a teenager, and she joined the Rebellion to prevent the same thing from happening to others. During a botched mission on Ord Mantell, she met Jai Tessa (JT) of Desert Rose Solutions, and she has since sub-contracted DRS for several other Rebel jobs. She is based out of Nabat, Ryloth.

Pronouns: she/her

Physical description: Renci is a female in her upper twenties with an athletic build. She has freckled pale skin and brown eyes. Her strawberry blonde hair, which goes halfway down her back, is often in a functional ponytail.

Species: Human

Specializations: Scout, Rebel Recruit, Force Adherent

Strength: Independent – Renci is capable enough on her own to work as a solitary operative.

Flaw: Compulsion – Renci is driven. When she chooses a goal, it can quickly become an obsession.

Desire: Ambition – Renci wants the Rebellion to succeed. And if that brass won’t fix things, then that means she’ll have to do it herself.

Fear: Commitment – Renci trusts herself completely, and she does not want to be responsible for anyone else.