Mariah Esteban Thorne had an unstable childhood in a rundown section of Los Angeles. He spent his teenage years working retail and con jobs, then secured a position in sales for the Unity Project. Denied a slot on the expedition itself, he stowed away aboard the ship.

Pronouns: he/him

Physical description: Twenty-six years old, Mariah has short, curly chestnut hair and is clean-shaven other than sideburns which he wears long. He dresses fashionably, with a preference for close-fitting vests that highlight his athletic build. He also carries an L-shaped cane, and his right leg is scarred from a childhood injury. His skin is light golden-brown, and his gray eyes view the world with wonder and curiosity.

Archetype: Savvy

Career: Con Artist

Strength: Curious – Mariah’s curiosity about the world and its people drives him to seek new experiences and engage with those around him wherever he is.

Flaw: Pride/Vanity – As one of the few things he felt he had control over growing up, Mariah’s physical appearance is very important to him. Personal grooming is also a form of self-care for him.

Desire: Belonging – Mariah spent his childhood being passed from relative to relative, and his young adulthood on Earth involved a number of failed relationships and rejection. This has left him with a strong desire to find someplace he can finally fit in.

Fear: Isolation – During a childhood accident, Mariah was trapped alone in a dark place, and the fright of that experience lingers with him to this day. He prefers not to be alone, and dark spaces unnerve him. His desire to fit in also contributes to this; he fears social as well as physical isolation.