Lilly Washington’s history is largely unknown—but she is sure she is not a thief. She’s not smart, and she’s not ashamed of that; she’s a survivor, and that’s one of the few things she knows for sure about her past. A former soldier who was resocialized at least three times, Lilly doesn’t have high self-esteem, but she is reasonably comfortable with herself. Or maybe she’s just even-keeled from all the memory-wiping. She likes machinery like vulture bikes, power armor, and sweet weapons.

Physical Description: Lilly is unremarkable, very unremarkable. Like some tomboyish woman you’ve met but you can’t describe her really, except that she seems athletic. She is tall and well-muscled, with tan skin and dark hair.

Archetype: Resocialized Terran

Career: Soldier/Pilot-Scout

Strength: Idealistic – Lilly’s ideal is fraternal loyalty. Never betray your friends or team. People over systems, but if you have it coming, that’s on you.

Flaw: Recklessness – Lilly acts quickly and impulsively. In her experience on the battlefield, inaction equals death; don’t overthink things. She will generally try not to harm others, but she is pretty reckless with her own safety.

Desire: Knowledge – Lilly is drawn to any clues of something that might have to do with her past life.

Fear: Humiliation – Lilly fears being outed as a resoc. Her resoc barcodes are tattooed on her shoulders, but she generally tries to keep them covered. She has to really, really trust someone before she will let them know this about her.