Jai “JT” Tessa, also known as JT-1, lost her organic family when Christophsis was invaded during the Clone Wars. She was subsequently raised on a Separatist vessel by B1 battle droids. There she took a great interest in technology. Funding her education got her mixed up in Hutt affairs. This was a little shaky at first, but eventually she made some good friends and started a successful business with them called Desert Rose Solutions. Now financially secure, she can turn her attention to making up for her failings along the way.

Pronouns: she/her

Physical description: JT is a short female of average build in her early thirties. She has light blue eyes, pale skin, and short, wavy blue hair that is a product of the biome during her gestation.* She tends to always be smudged with dirt or grease.

Archetype: Human

Career: Outlaw Tech

Strength: Idealistic – JT believes there is good in other sentient beings until proven otherwise on an individual level. She does not let past negative experiences affect her judgments about any new potential friend.

Flaw: Ignorance – JT is far too trusting, often missing out on obvious cues when sentients are out for their own good at the expense of others. This can get her into trouble.

Desire: Justice – JT supports droid rights and sticks up for the underdog. Particularly in her alternate persona, masked vigilante the Blue Streak, she works to make the galaxy a better place.

Fear: Failure – JT has spent time in the embrace of the Dark Side and knows she did some pretty bad things. She strives to atone for that failure.

* This is a peculiarity of our own devising, not part of any published lore. We decided hair color on the crystalline world of Christophsis was determined by season of birth: emerald for spring, opalescent for summer, amethyst for autumn, and aquamarine for winter. It is a running gag that JT thinks this is obvious, while no one elsewhere in the galaxy has ever heard of this.