Imogen Owendoher grew up on the planet Umoja in the Umojan Protectorate, sheltered from the worst of the Dominion and the devastation of the recent wars. This also protected her latent psionic powers from being discovered and forcing her into the Confederate Ghost program. But she knows she is special, and Dominion space seems her best chance to learn what she needs to develop her unique abilities.

Pronouns: she/her

Physical description: Imogen is a short and slight 22-year-old female. She has pale skin, green eyes, and long blonde hair that she usually wears as a braid down to her waist.

Archetype: Latent Psionic Terran

Career: Modern Leader/Outlaw Tech

Strength: Courage – Imogen is bold and maybe too over-confident, but it gives her the courage to face down terran, protoss, and zerg challengers.

Flaw: Ignorance – Imogen’s sheltered upbringing leaves her unaware of many basic facts that most terrans in the sector take for granted.

Desire: Ambition – Imogen seeks to develop her psionic powers to the fullest extent possible… without becoming psychotic or being driven insane. One doesn’t need to know she is psionic to recognize her forceful personality.

Fear: Failure – Imogen won’t take no for an answer, particularly not from herself. While she has principles, she is willing to cross lines that others wouldn’t in order not to fail.