Hepalonia of House Thrandolil (Heppa) is the daughter of Estbryn Forest nobles and grew up with an easy life, sheltered from her mother’s ambitions by the duty of her older sister and doted upon by her scholarly father. As elvish nobility, she is fairly naive and ignorant about the world most people inhabit, but she is curious about it and open to learning. She cannot resist new knowledge; there is so much to see and explore! This makes her rather distractible. Heppa has no shame about her ignorance and is prone to asking odd questions. Some find her charming in an absent-minded professor sort of way, while others find her annoying, or at least confusing.

Physical description: Heppa is pretty much your average highborn elf. She is 33 winters old, tall and slender. She has the typical pale blonde hair and white skin of any elf from a small forest, with the most common eye color, gray. She is pragmatic in her style of dress, wearing mostly elvish leathers, and keeps her long hair in functional braids. Heppa is never completely put together, though. Whether she has a smudge of ink or dirt on her face or a green tinge in her hair from experiments, she doesn’t particularly pay attention to how she looks and gives no thought to fashion—so long as it doesn’t look like she’s chosen a profession.

Archtype: Elf

Career: Scout

Strength: Curious – Heppa cannot resist learning new things. There is so much to see and explore, and so many things she doesn’t know.

Flaw: Ignorance – Heppa grew up as an elf with no interactions with other species and very little study about them. In typical elven fashion, she sees other species as lesser, though maybe amusing or useful in some way. Additionally, she is from one of the “nobler” families and has grown up privileged in a way that isn’t the experience for a large part of the population.

Desire: Knowledge – Heppa has a sense that everything is connected in some way, and if she just can uncover enough information, she can find those connections and discover deeper mysteries about the world.

Fear: Commitment – Heppa has grown up watching her sister slowly being trapped by their mother into responsibilities and family obligations. She does not want to end up there and fears losing her freedom above all else. She also fears being pigeonholed into one career that will limit the things she can learn and explore.

Heppa (seated at center) surrounded by friends. Art by Del Borovic.