FRAWD Investigators: Pilot | Scene 4

Lilly and Imogen go to the guard barracks. Another overseer is standing near the open door, smoking. Imogen confronts her for this safety violation, and this overseer calls a couple more guards outside to back her up as she hassles Imogen in return. This accomplishes Imogen’s goal of making it easier for Lilly to slip inside. With the distraction in place, Lilly sneaks in the front door and begins searching the place. She locates four sets of psi gauntlets and finds a manifest that can be used as additional evidence against Rose, Inc.

When the overseer realizes that no guards are in the barracks anymore, Imogen makes a huge scene of noisily entering through the front door, complaining about more violations of camp protocol. The ruckus is loud enough for Lilly to hear further back in the building, so she knows to get out of there. She squeezes out a window and drops behind a bush. No one is around, so she gets up and casually strolls to the front of the building, where Imogen is now being ejected from the barracks.

The two return to the refinery. Lilly gives out three sets of gauntlets to the sober protoss. Imogen tries to activate the last pair. It reacts to her a little but shocks her rather than turns on. The lead protoss, equipped again as a templar, yells at Imogen for messing with their technology. She tells him he should give the final set of gauntlets to the templar high on terrazine, that maybe it will help him remember his former self. The lead templar considers this, saying they will do it as a last resort because he will probably be a danger to everything around him. Lilly double-checks that the lead templar can distinguish between guards and slaves and then authorizes them to attack. The templars ignite their psi blades and rush out of the refinery.

Ted produces two knockout grenades each for Lilly and Imogen. He sets the refinery to overload, and Lilly smashes the release valve with a crowbar. Then she goes to free the slaves, while Imogen and Ted run interference with the command staff.

The protoss templars immediately engage the guards at the adjacent mine entrance. This allows Lilly to quickly reach Grom and let him know the plan. He gathers the slaves from the mine and leads them to Steve’s truck at the front gate. Lilly tells him she will handle the guards. She dashes over to the huts where the rest of the slaves are kept, pulling out one of the grenades Ted gave her.

It is a battle, but there are no zerg. This is against other terrans. The planet is lush with trees, water, and clear skies. Her bunker is on a cliff, and down below it sits another bunker—her target—bedecked with Confederate flags. She hurls the grenade, and it goes through one of the small windows, then explodes. Around her, the soldiers cheer, “Antiga! Antiga!”

Lilly shakes away the rusty memory and throws the grenade. Guards collapse in all directions. As the smoke clears, she sees Overseer Beth coughing badly but still standing. She draws her gun and takes a shaky shot at Lilly but misses. The two women begin a game of exchanging fire and dodging behind cover. Beth moves behind a rickety shack, and Lilly charges at it, trying to knock it down on her, but it is sturdier than it looks. Abandoning that idea, she moves into a better position for gunplay and finally blasts the overseer with her shotgun.

A man steps nervously out of one of the huts. “Uh… you’re not some murderous fugitive, are you?” he asks Lilly.

“I have guns,” she replies, offering him the gauss rifle from the refinery. “We’re getting out of here.” Lilly gathers the slaves from the huts, but there are definitely more than will fit in Steve’s truck. One of the newly-liberated people tells her that there is another truck on the other side of the camp. It is broken down, but he thinks he can fix it. She gathers up the guns from the knocked out guards and distributes them, wishing those slaves luck. Then she heads to the entrance bunker where Grom and the slaves from the mine are waiting for her.