DS274 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Wesmere Welcome | Part 4 of 6

Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth
DS274 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Wesmere Welcome | Part 4 of 6

Tric and Heppa present the needs of the Grey Woods woses to the most prestigious elvish council of all, the Ka’lian.

GM Notes

This whole episode with the Ka’lian is very much indebted to A War of Life and Death by Mystical_Warlord. In that non-mainline campaign for the Battle for Wesnoth video game, Scenario 13 sees the primary character, Lord Ardonath, asking the Ka’lian for aid. I took NPC names—and to some extent, personalities—from that conversation. Aolis, Theodmer, Gaelira, Soliana—they’re all from that scenario. Neia, who we met earlier this arc, is too.

One other thing I’ll add about our meeting with the Ka’lian… If you are familiar with the “BOOST” series in the Genesys Foundry at DriveThruRPG, you might recognize it. I used this encounter as the basis for my submission to BOOST #7, Modular Encounters, where I gave tips for running a similar encounter and adapting it to different settings. BOOST stands for Book of Online Sourced Triumphs, by the way. They’re a variety of community-built resources for Genesys, and they’re free to download from DriveThruRPG.


This arc contains spoilers for the Battle for Wesnoth campaign Liberty. There are also references to Eastern Invasion and to Crin of Crenlyn, a User-Made Content campaign.

Our character art by Del Borovic and the map we refer to (by me!) can be found here.

Our music is sampled from Return to Wesnoth by Matthias Westlund (aka West), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, part of The Battle for Wesnoth Project. Visit them at wesnoth.org.

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