DS268 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Wesmere Welcome | Part 1 of 6

Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth
DS268 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Wesmere Welcome | Part 1 of 6

Newly arrived in Wesmere, Tric and Heppa settle in and meet Neia, an ambitious young shaman.

GM Notes

In this episode, we meet Neia, a character from the User-Made Content campaign A War of Life and Death, and the information she shares with Tric and Heppa is basically a summary of that campaign. We also get our first look at Wesmere. As the home of the Ka’lian, the most prestigious elvish council, this forest is a pretty big deal. It has its own paragraph on the Geography of Wesnoth reference page on the video game’s wiki. That’s where I got the names for its villages and other prominent features. The description of the Ka’lian itself, to come in a future episode, is based on how it appears on battle maps.

Map of Wesmere Forest showing river running north-south through it, with villages scattered about and the Ka'lian on an island in the center.
Map of Wesmere Forest by Jenn

This arc contains spoilers for the Battle for Wesnoth campaigns Eastern Invasion, Liberty, The Rise of Wesnoth, and A War of Life and Death, a User-Made Content campaign by Mystical_Warlord. There are also references to Heir to the Throne and The Sceptre of Fire.

Our character art by Del Borovic and the map we refer to (by me!) can be found here.

Our music is sampled from Return to Wesnoth by Matthias Westlund (aka West), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, part of The Battle for Wesnoth Project. Visit them at wesnoth.org.

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