DS178 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner | Part 2 of 2

Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth
DS178 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Look Who's Coming to Dinner | Part 2 of 2

The dinner with Mhaev and Terwaen goes about as smoothly as can be expected. Afterwards, the younger attendants use everything they have learned to draw up Tric’s family tree.

GM Notes

Going into this family dinner, I was not sure at what point the players would figure out that Terwaen was Tric’s half-sister. The secret benefitted from the fact that the relationship between Terwaen and Mhaev is somewhat chilly. Still, I thought some of the license Mhaev took with Terwaen might tip them off. When it became clear that the players were still not getting it, not even after Terwaen called Tric her brother, that’s when I decided a diagram was necessary. Sometimes you just can’t beat a visual aid. The family tree is below if you’re interested in double-checking your comprehension, too.

Tric Manu’s family tree

Our character art by Del Borovic and the map we refer to (by me!) can be found here.

Our music is sampled from Return to Wesnoth by Matthias Westlund (aka West), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, part of The Battle for Wesnoth Project. Visit them at wesnoth.org.

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