DS116 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Still Waters Run Deep | Part 1 of 2

Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth
DS116 | Wesnoth | Echoes of Invasion: Still Waters Run Deep | Part 1 of 2

Lord Thrandolil of Estbryn Forest commissions his daughter Hepalonia and nephew Tric Manu, two young elves at loose ends, to seek a magical artifact on his behalf.

GM Notes

This arc is the Echoes of Invasion season 1 opener. It contains spoilers for the Battle for Wesnoth campaigns Eastern Invasion and the South Guard, as well as references to Liberty and the Legend of Wesmere.

Prior to starting play, we decided as a group that the PCs would be cousins and settled on the general concept of the game involving searching for magical artifacts on behalf of a patron. I asked the players when making their characters to come up with some NPCs in their village. This first episode was a chance to bounce the PCs off of those NPCs to help the players get comfortable with their new characters. 

The character of Tric Manu, who is inspired by the writings of outdoor humorist Patrick McManus, is a half-elf. You will frequently hear us refer to him as an elf, since that is his cultural upbringing. The player gave me, the GM, permission to do whatever I wanted with the background of Tric’s parents, some of which I start hinting at right from the beginning. That’s going to be a major thread running through our campaign.

Our character art by Del Borovic and the map we refer to (by me!) can be found here.

Our music is sampled from Return to Wesnoth by Matthias Westlund (aka West), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, part of The Battle for Wesnoth Project. Visit them at wesnoth.org.

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