DS075 | Star Wars | Cruise Control | Part 10 of 22

Dicey Stories
Dicey Stories
DS075 | Star Wars | Cruise Control | Part 10 of 22

Mythic Scene 10, Part 1

  • Chaos: 6
  • Interrupt Roll: 10 > 6, as planned
  • Setup: Chase scene with Renault
  • Purpose/Goal: Convince moff’s folks that Tcho is gone
  • Type: Chase


Sergeant Renault chases Tcho across the ship, exactly according to plan.

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Referenced Materials

  • Riders of the Maelstrom – adventure module from West End Games
  • SWRPG Adversary Decks from Fantasy Flight Games
  • our Chase rules
  • Environmental Set Pieces – fanmade resource by GM Jedi Scoundrel, Theo, cmdluke, and Salcor
  • Nexus of Power – Force-strong Worlds source book from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Lessons from the Past – adventure module in Force and Destiny from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Star Wars: Resh Hour Trilogy – a set of our previous adventures, featuring JT’s girlfriend Renci and Gomarr

Note: This episode uses our Chase rules. Find them here.

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com