DS067 | Star Wars | Cruise Control | Part 6 of 22

Dicey Stories
Dicey Stories
DS067 | Star Wars | Cruise Control | Part 6 of 22

Mythic Scene 6

  • Chaos: 8
  • Interrupt Roll: 6 < 8, even = interrupt
    • Introduce a new NPC (harm/pain)
    • Scene will be more of an interrogation, introducing Qarash Panaka himself
  • Doubles Interrupt
    • PC Negative (delay/mundane)
    • Gala location will be site of interrogation
  • Setup: JT is suspected of involvement in messing with the moff’s cargo.
  • Purpose/Goal: Get Moff to agree to come to the gala and clear JT’s name of any wrongdoing.
  • Type: Social


The moff questions JT about activities in the cargo hold.

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Referenced Materials

  • Leia, Princess of Alderaan – novel by Claudia Gray
  • SWRPG Adversary Decks from Fantasy Flight Games
  • The Jewel of Yavin – adventure module from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Lessons from the Past – adventure module in Force and Destiny from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Star Wars: Resh Hour Trilogy – a set of our previous adventures, featuring JT’s girlfriend Renci

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com