Convince the Council to Act

Periodically, the Genesys RPG Community Discord organizes and publishes a compilation of thematically-related materials in a free zine called BOOST (Book of Online Sourced Triumphs). The theme for the latest, BOOST #7, was “Modular Encounters.” Dicey Stories contributed a modular social encounter titled Convince the Council to Act, written by Jenn and playtested by Danielle and Lex.

Convince the Council to Act includes the setup for a social combat with a council, stats for the council, motivations for four council members, and a special mechanic for the halfway point. Although it is presented with the trappings of fantasy, it includes advice on how to adapt the council scene to a variety of other settings. The sample playthrough provides an example of the encounter in action, which also gives you a sneak peak of the new campaign our podcast will start airing next season.

Aside from the Dicey Stories contribution, there are six other modular encounters in BOOST #7 of a variety of types: social, combat, stealth, vehicle, puzzle, skill challenge, and search & rescue. And it’s all free! Get it today at DriveThruRPG:

Update: Listen to us play the session that inspired this module.