Augustus Octavius Cleveland, who goes by Cleve, is the oldest child of self-sustaining farmers on the central plains of Canada. After several years in the military, he returned to civilian life, where he took a job as a survivalist and guide on the Unity Project for the Santiago family.

Pronouns: he/him

Physical description: Thirty-one years old, Cleve has reddened white skin from time spent outdoors and short sandy blond hair. His style can best be summed up in one word: practical. Cleve has a resting scowly face and doesn’t smile much. Paired with his piercing blue eyes and full face of hair, this generally makes him look like he thinks you are going to get yourself maimed or killed at any moment. He also has scarring on his back from his time in the military.

Archetype: Dedicated

Career: Survivalist

Strength: Idealistic – Cleve believes that everyone should strive to contribute to society in some useful way and pass along that knowledge to others. Growing up, his family was self-sustaining and insular, and while he was able to teach his two younger brothers things to help them contribute to the farm, his feeling that the family could contribute more broadly caused him to seek out employment as a survivalist for the expedition.

Flaw: Intolerance – Cleve cannot abide useless people. He has difficulty stopping himself from teaching people who need to learn skills that he has, and he will sometimes even strong-arm them into learning. Earning Cleve’s respect starts with showing that you are useful and contributing to society, or at least demonstrating a willingness to learn and apply skills.

Desire: Expertise – Cleve desires to be good at what he does, and as he picks up a skill, he strives to improve in it.

Fear: Failure – Cleve is not always afraid of failing—he is afraid of failing at the exact moment when he is being counted on. This includes the failure of those he has taught, because if he doesn’t teach them the right way to do something, it could have dire consequences.