Dicey Stories exists to share the fun of tabletop roleplaying games and to celebrate the collaborative storytelling they can produce. To that end, we provide our stories in two formats: the audio of our actual-play sessions, in which you can hear real people laughing our way through building a story together, and the serialized narrative of the story, in which you can read how events dramatically occurred in the lives of the characters. Additionally, you can find some of the materials we have put together for other gamers to use.

Although our style of play is not explicitly instructional, some listeners may benefit from observing how we implement the systems we game in. When I was starting out GMing FFG Star Wars after years of gaming in GURPS and d20 systems, I was helped enormously by listening to other groups play. Certainly, it let me see how the game worked mechanically. But more than that, it gave me food for thought on running my own game.

Listening to actual-plays gave me ideas that I could later work into my own adventures. Sometimes the plot served as a good starter idea for one appropriate for my players. Other times, a memorable NPC provided inspiration, allowing me to quickly provide a nuanced person for my players to interact with. And still other times, I had a ready-made location description on hand just when I needed it.

We hope that you enjoy Dicey Stories and that it inspires your own roleplaying!

— Jenn